Active as both a researcher and teacher, Musikantow is currently available to present research at conferences, teach at universities, teach online courses, or provide private instruction and tutoring in music theory, music composition, music history, electronic music (with emphasis on Finale, Logic, and Max/MSP), and creative writing.

Musikantow has two years teaching experience at the University of Minnesota, where he was instructor of record of four Rock History sections and teaching assistant for four Sophomore Music Theory sections. He also helped prepare content for the grant-awarded course, Music in Short Fiction, while working under Prof. Jeffrey Stadelman at the University at Buffalo. He substitute taught Freshman Ear Training and taught practice classes as part of the completion of a Music Theory Pedagogy course in which he was enrolled.

He presented original research on electronic music at the SPARK electronic music festival and on New Music Scrapbook.

His dissertation research compared and contrasted the views of morality posed in the writings of Nietzsche with those found in Blake’s mythopoeia, with particular attention to themes of class and slavery. This research was accompanied by an original piece setting selections from those texts.

Current academic interests include tuning theory (especially the theory of abstract regular temperaments), synthesis and the development of new synthesis techniques, philosophy, aesthetics, and analytical techniques that trace back developmental stages of a musical passage in a manner that allows for cross pollination between different seeds (as opposed to the more one-dimensional model for the construction of music posed by Shenker).

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