Every artist has a day job! With 7 years experience in hospitality and 6 years experience in office skills, Musikantow has taken on such responsibilities as customer service, technical support, reception, surveillance, security, and kitchen/ dining room work.

He is currently a 2-year employee for First Service Residential. Specifically, he works as a Desk Attendant at the unique Riverstation property, which is comprised of 12 different neighboring buildings which share a single office.

riverstation pic riverstation pic 2

During his 4 years as a doctoral student, he monitored the computer lab at the school of music, providing support for printing, scanning, Finale, Max/MSP, and other music and office applications.

For 5 years, during his undergraduate studies, he was a seasonal employee at Sunrise Assisted Living, where he served a population of elderly and special-needs residents.

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